The Paige Connexion Gathering 2016

Very soon, we shall meet again for the annual gathering coming up next. After 2 years of outdoor adventures, or some say torture, I promise to rest your feet and fill your tummy this time round. But it will not be a lazy event, as I always believe we should grab every opportunity to learn something new.

Registration is closed for now and for those who have registered, I look forward to seeing you. For those who missed it, come on board and write to to be in the team.


  1. Excellent blog , especially reading your perspective and philosophies on life .
    Please do not be discouraged by Star Award you’ve rightly commented before , it’s really more a reflection of fan club support and circumstance than on your undoubted talent as an outstanding actress and artiste who will warm the hearts of audiences for many years to come , as evident from your excellent interpretation and portrayal of character in the current 9 pm drama . Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success ! Saw this meaningful quote recently and would like to share it :
    命运从不在手 , 但奇迹却可寻找 ;
    将来也可以改变, 但最美丽的原来早已在手; 紧紧拥抱你所拥有。

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