We are very fortunate to live in one of the cleanest, most organised city in the world. Akin to all cities, we are surrounded by the all sorts of artificial stimulations to the senses. It’s exciting to explore a new mall, to engage in an event happening in each corner, to have your heart beat to the deafening music in a club.

We are used to this world, but maybe it’s time to step out and look beyond. For some, you didn’t know it is possbile, so many, it just might be the thing you are looking for.

I think no one would argue with me the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle is much desired, with the kind of stress we are all under, the pressure to keep up with all sorts of expectations. In recent years, a group of green activists or humanists, have emerged, eager to share with urbanites a more balanced, healthier, environmentally conscious Way of life.

Agreeing with this philosophy, I will be holding my fourth fans gathering with that in mind.We had feasted(2008), packed goodies for a Christmas party (2009), made the beach a little cleaner (2010). 2012, we shall recollect, and explore another world together.

The date is to be 1st of September, Saturday, from 1700 to 1930. Please write to thepaigeconnexion@gmail.com to register. Please leave your mobile number too.

Details of the event will be revealed via email at a later date.

Once in a while, I received notes from friends I befriended when I backpacked a few years back.

I received with great delight, an email from a friend whom I have not thought of for some time. He was a great host when I was visiting Inner Mongolia. I can still remember how his presentation of traditional Mongolian music filled the living room of the hostel. Strangers became friends in an instant. How magical music can be.

This time round, he sent me images which ignited my yearning for the vast grassland, the boundary-free horse riding….

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One of my close friends had been depressed for months over her relationship. A few of us met up in a cozy cafe and she confided in us. As of any breakups, it pained to hear one. As she struggled with her decisions, all of us chipped in our opinions and suggestions. We all had so many different interpretations, possibilities, advice, but all of us have only one motive…we want her to be happy again.

We are a bunch of mates from secondary school. Due to our erratic schedules, it has been years since all of us got together as a group. And fortunately, nothing has changed. As we exited from the roles we play in our daily lives, we come together again, as 15 year-old, no inhibitions, no embarrassments, only heart to heart conversations. That’s what I call friends.

They are there to give you that extra push when you want to go further. They are the pillars if you need some backing to stand strong. I am fortunate because I have a few that are very dear to me. And sorry if there are times I could not contain my temper and had hurt u guys unintentionally. Thank you for the wonderful memories… so pure and true.