I have heard so much about the pretty island of Langkawi. It did not disappoint me when I was there for a short 3 days 2 nights getaway. A safe, and easy to-get-to destination for a single female traveler. It is a great place to try solo traveling, as I told my sister. Although I got a little annoyed at times, when I got asked for the 100th time “Why you no boyfriend” by the cheeky, hospitable beach boys.

Besides lazing on the pristine beaches and sipping a cocktail or two in one of many atmospheric bars, you can decide on numerous mildly adventurous day tours into the wild. Langkawi Island is blessed with clear waters with highly visible sea inhabitants. There are also limestone caves, and bat caves waiting to be explored, all in very good condition.

For those rich in the pockets, you can hire your own private yacht, set out to sea, and catch the sunset on the horizon while enjoying a sumptuous buffet.

I finally got to do what I have always wanted but deterred due to a lack of guts. Parasailing….As I was lifted off, I imagine angels wings growing on me, and I leave the burdens of the world and fly towards freedom. I was closer to heaven for that few minutes.


Out on a day trip on a boat



Bats cave


Eagle feeding – A man induced phenomenon


Preparing to fly


Up, up and awayimg_0137Hippie bar and restaurant

I am counting down the days of my stay in Malaysia as I blog, with a tinge of reluctance, yet looking forward to be home, in the arms of familiarity.

I am fortunate to have received warm hospitality from my Malaysian host. The humility and steadfastness of the crew, despite the hectic schedule was much appreciated. My 4 months stay in Malaysia had been fruitful, with new knowledge acquired, new friends made.

Being a travel addict, I cannot resist packing my backpack, hopping onto those conveniently accessible inter-state coaches, immersing myself in the kaleidoscope of cultures Malaysia offers as the number of scenes left to film dwindles. Well, they did say, “Malaysia, truly Asia” isn’t it? How can I not go further?

I have always wanted to visit Cameron Highlands. The vision of vast Tea plantations, Strawberry farms, breaths of fresh air up in the hills lured me to make this trip a reality.

The one and a half hour coach ride up the hill did not sit well with me. I tried my best to keep myself together till I found my way to the guesthouse I’ve booked. As usual, I sourced out my guesthouse via hostelworld.com, which has not failed me since my first booking. Kang Traveller’s lodge, or a.k.a Daniel’s lodge has an embracing atmosphere that any backpacker, or flash packer would appreciate.

My next 2 days were packed with trekking trips to the jungle, and visits to the various plantations, and farms. The adventure tour involves 2 hour of trekking and it is not suitable for children below 10. You will get sweaty and dirty, but for those game for it, you will be rewarded with a photo taking opportunity with the famous Rafflesia Flower, the world’s largest flower, and yes, you do need some luck too.

Those who want to take a step back, stick with farm tours. But to be honest, those were a little disappointing. The tours were hasty and not much had been shared on the operations of the farms. But well, it was for a mere 25 Rm, so my good spirits were not dampened. I did manage to buy several packs of BOH tea at a great price, afterall…

So, Cameron Highlands…checked:>

img_0240Kang traveller’s lodge- A backpacker’s paradise

img_0025All geared up to get dirty


“BOH” tea plantation


Numerous nurseries along the way


Drinking from bamboo


Rafflesia flower-lucky me!


Fellow Singaporeans on the trip

想念一个人好讨厌。沉醉在那一段时光,而熟悉的音乐, 勾起回意的地方, 都会让你坐立难安。巴不得想逃离现在,回到过去。

曾有过的感动,也只能牢牢记着。也不知道何时何日会再见到那个人。 见到了, 感觉还在吗?

我想,除了祝福对方, 感激有缘相遇, 能做的也不多了吧?

如今身在异乡的我, 充满着许许多多的思念。

喂, 我想你了, 你知道吗?

Here it comes again, the most romantic day of the year….. Despite my practicality, I enjoy the idea of Valentine’s Day. Those who have a Valentine, express your love, those who do not, imagine love, those who lost love, indulge in reminiscence.

Hmmm…. Romantic love, once it touches you, it leaves a mark, you can’t go back. You are not the same anymore. Every shared moment of purity reminds you that you’ve have met your soul mate. The one who is capable to melt you and you willingly share your vulnerability; yet feel totally at ease, safe, entirely consumed in his/her gaze.

Let us dedicate the day to the “once” in our lives, to that split second connection that have us wondering about the existence of that one true love.

A moment in Time

I am not naïve, I am not insane

It is the connection I believe

that exists between man

Time had stopped, Breath went still

The world emptied out

But it left us two.

Pages of history, will be lost in time

But this moment reminds

That we were one once

I have to be at peace

Be content with where I have been

You need to rise

So, go ahead and fly

After 3 months of good times, we completed the channel U’s new drama series, “Secret Garden”. This drama, although labeled as an “idol” drama, has definitely more substance and content than merely presenting some eye candies on screen.

Our male lead, Tender Huang, hails from Taiwan, is DR Beng, an “alternative” psychiatrist who never liked sticking by the rule book. His bold and passionate methods, though shocking, proved to be highly effective in improving the lives of those who came in for help.

Yvonne Lim, a respected actress in the industry, plays Swan ,an art-psychic therapist, who complements Dr Beng in the healing of souls. Sensitive, and meticulous, she sees the human heart through the artwork presented by the individuals.

I play Tracy, an enthusiastic, idealistic social worker, all worked up to “save the world”. Working with Dr Beng, she learns about the real world outside of the text book and is inspired by his ways.

This production touched me in so many ways. Everyone chipped in their pieces to make this journey a sweet and magical memory to savor for years to come.

A few days after the end of the production, crew have messaged me on how they suffered from post production syndrome. A “family” built over months ended in a day….. What’s left is a great bunch of photos that attempted to capture the sprinkles of love and chemistry we had for one another.

To the “Secret Garden” gang: Love you lots, thanks for being on this journey with me, everyone of you is special and great in your own ways. I shall hold on to the memory of your individual unique way and smile…..

Catch us on Channel U, starting 29th December , every Wednesday, 8pm.