I never thought I will be so attached to the outcome of star awards this year. Maybe because, this year I bothered to ask….. To understand what the procedure is like, what my fans had to go through,why they feel the need to win, to make calls, to impatiently await the results daily.

I am part of the team this year, and “ouch” when you get this involved.

In the past years, it was a 3 hour event with minimum sweat, except for my suffering feet which are stuck in those killer heels. The top 10 awards is the battle of the fan clubs.

I was aware of the additional hassle this year my supporters had to go through as the security had tightened for the online voting category. And still, they soldiered on, and delivered “beautifully “till the last minute. Hopes were high as my picture and my name was comfortably located everyday and very night’s battle was rightfully won.

This, when we lost the war, it came extremely hard. Lots of “why”, tears, and guilt. It was hard not to be affected. It wasn’t life or death, or extreme situations, like what I have witnessed during AJ2, or Renovaid. I guess it was the sense of communal lost that we had as a team.

Something so apparently elusive could feel so real, I guess, that’s what desires are.
Hey guys, we did good, I’m proud, we should be.

To make someone laugh is no joke! Comedians should garner more credit, for their efforts to bring laughter to people

out there.

Melodrama is becoming my comfort zone, after appearing in one after another.

Going into the zone of depression, nostalgia, melancholy seems to be the norm in my career path.

I totally understand that and nor do I reject as I do find myself akin to the “dark” side in many ways…haha…sentimentalism is in my blood.

My latest project, The Recruit Diaries, however, showed me another genre of the artistry which can be awkward but invigorating, all at the same time.

“I am around jokers all day long, I tell people” … Jeffrey, Jeremy, Xu Bin,

Benjamin, Shane, and many other newcomers gave so much life to the popular themed sitcom.

They are my recruits, or rather, my character’s Lt Angie Tan’s recruits.

It is hard not to be amazed at how quick thinking these boys are, especially when it comes to giving a twist to the reality we are so familiar with.

While my character Lt Angie Tan is a straight-laced character in the sitcom, there are some unexpected portrayals featured which I personally find hard to stomach.

Well, it’s all in the name of entertainment and loosening up the shoulders of you stressed up audience out there.

Ok, laughter is still in the making, so do look forward to “The Recruit Diaries”, knocking soon….

一位艺人曾和我分享了一段话:”演戏最辛苦的不是熬夜,也不是背词,而是和对手有感情后马上又有第三者。” 因缘份,遇上毫不费力就能投入,真情流入的对手时,那每一句台词,笑容,眼神,泪,都会成为演员真实生活的一部份。演员口头上常说的入戏和抽离。为了自己,为了下一部戏,为了生活中的家人,朋友,为了回到现实,一定要离。有时还得要冷漠,冷却了戏里的情。。。我看了我那朋友的话,笑了笑回复:"Absolutely, 冷莫因入戏太深,因知道不能长久。演员啊,既有情也无情。“但。。。那一份记忆,如此的真,如此的美。抽离,又谈何容易?

I have always been called a boy when it comes to shopping for clothes, just because I don’t waste time walking aimlessly around, i seldom bargain. I go to one shop that catches my fancy n grabs several pieces at one go.

I appreciate the meticulous effort in designing an outfit. It often embodies a designer’s vision and philosophy towards a certain aspect of life. The way cloth come together is an art form.

I love clothes that make me feel like I am wearing a second skin. I love clothes that made me feel at ease. I love the clothes that made me feel good about loving myself.

In my line of work, I get to experiment with clothes. I find it challenging to assume the attitude the clothes sought to bring forth. But at the end of the day, i know i have to shed off these excesses , and go back to square one, to little square me.

It is definitely fun to have a play with clothes n the roles they bring to the wearer, but like all masks, they will have to come off, sooner or later…..

I woke in the wee hours of one morning, taking in the cool fresh air that money can’t buy in the city. I sat at the edge of a hill, awaiting the greetings of the morning sun in the midst of the heavenly snow capped mountains.

Although it was still dark, but I knew I was not alone. Giggles and chatters were around me. I was embraced by the rawness of Mother Nature, and the kindness and hospitality of the local people. The freezing cold could not deter my desire to be outdoors, the desire to be surrounded by such beauty, in all ways. This is my last day in this Nepalese Village, my fourth trip in The Activist’s Journey, and I just don’t wanna miss a thing.

And there he is again…. those wishful, aloof eyes, looking at me intently. For reasons I know not of, I am equally attracted to him. His gaze reached out to me, I feel connected, vulnerable to the wordless interaction between us. And again, I try to reach out to him, to feel his little hand, hoping a hug can fill the gap between us. But as before, he steered clear, keeping the distance between us, yet continue that intense focus on me.

I told myself; I have to find out more about this boy before I leave. With the help of the translator, I found his mum.

His mum held my hand and told me to take him away. This boy wants to go to school, but she has no money to do that. His dad just passed away, and she just does not know what to do with him. Although she spoke in a language I could not understand yet the message of helplessness was conveyed clearly.

It hit me hard. I had no answers, How do you turn down someone who asked you to take her flesh and blood away? “I can’t. I am sorry” was the best I could utter.

I asked the mum why the boy kept looking at me yet, was unwilling to come close. I was told the boy feared he would tear when it was time for me to leave. He also has a scar on his chin that he feels embarrassed about.

I was shattered… this boy, at this age, yet with some much forethought, so sentimental, so deep…I have to do something for him, anything, to make his life a little better. If he wants to go to school, then he will get to go to school. With the help of Chhitup, the head of HEAD NEPAl blind school, I will be able to sponsor his education from this year, April onwards. This is the least I can do.

My Dear Boy, be happy , be strong. You are beautiful in every single way….

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