I’ve always subjected myself to a sense of guilt whenever I thought about my choice to begin and to remain in showbiz. The reason is because I see it as an extremely self indulgent industry, where I really do enjoy my work. The diversity of it and the opportunity to explore areas of life I would never have a chance to if I landed somewhere else are charming factors to me.
Growing up, I have always thought I would end up in a job related to humanities. An urban geographer, researcher of some sort or a community worker. Like many social idealists, I wanted to make a difference in the world. The current path I have taken seems rather hypocritical.
Blame it on my inqusitive nature, my vanity, my restlessness, I am who I am now.
However, thanks to an unexpected conversation with my grandmother, I managed to lift myself out of the conundrum.  In a nutshell, over the phone one day, my grandmother was chirping excitedly over my latest drama serial. “我喜欢看新加坡的戏。。每一个我都追的。。看电视我就开心: she quipped.
Those simple words reminded me of how 搞笑行动 used to make my Mondays less blue, how Aiyoyo 老师 made school seem like a second home.
Perhaps, I should go easy on myself. If souls are invisible, immeasurable, then surely the work of an artist is incalculable. Showbiz, entertainment industry,  artistic realm, whatever you name it, we reach out to the hearts of people and leave imprints with our creation.
As I move on, I now have a deeper understanding of what my work pertains. My industry is an enormous Kaleidescape, encapsulating life in the expressions of dramas, songs, performances. I express you, I represent you, I am you.
So, now, what’s wrong with indulging in life, loving life.

We move on from one moment to the next,

Honour what had been.

Seen it, heard it, felt it and be glad.


One foot ahead of the other,

One word after another

The next minute awaits,


Stay fresh

Live fresh

Feel fresh


A constant reminder

To just be


At Peace

有时,一些长辈,得道高人的几句话,能让你突然领悟,从一片黑暗中,再次感觉到光明的方向。让你那心神不定的思绪,又回复平静。。。 当在感到迷茫的时候,不妨和多几个人谈谈,说不定,有哪几句金玉良言,就能帮到你。 Hey, 你说过的,我记得。。。又走了再见了

I have recently attended more wedding banquets in the last few months than I ever did in the last one year. Why the surge? Dragon year? Increasing home prices, buy before it increases again?More soulmates found each other?

I am in no doubt happy for friends, who have chosen this path out of their own free will. They want it, they got it.

As our society evolves, we are more open and exposed to varied lifestyles. Norms and conventions are never stagnant, ever changing depending on socio- economic conditions, or politically engineered to sustain some or simply due to enlightenment? In the olden days, women marry out of financial dependency. Children are born to provide labour for the farms, or basically, people have no knowledge of contraception.

Who do people marry now? Reasons have changed, and it is different for everyone. The awareness of the various possibilities in weaving the social fabric is vital for the development of a more embracing Society.

Judgements of what is a good, or bad life only breeds suppression of individuals, which ultimately induce unhappy families.

The recent debate about singles buying BTO has been an interesting discussion topic for my friends. My closest group of friends are mostly single, some out of choice, some still seeking. Those who are seeking, we wish them the best, it is always those who choose to remain single that become a topic of interest.

Like those who choose to be married, there are lots of reasons why some don’t. Some are just not buying into the concept, some want to devote their lives to others by doing humanitarian or missionary work, or some just feel complete by being with him/herself.

I am just glad to be born in an era where people are thinking through what they want in their lives,and having the freedom to pursue them. Yes or no to marriage, no right or wrong.

Bottom line… live lovingly, as one or two.