After months of trying to get a date, thinking about where the ideal destination is, we are finally ready. The Paige Connexion a.k.a TPC is ready to take you guys out for an excursion.

Akin to last year, (er….remember the raw food n popiah making class, n the relaxing meditation session to round up, for those who came ) we won’t be telling you what’s in store just yet, but you can be sure, u will learn something, take away something, and hopefully share anything from this trip.

The date is set to be on the 1st of December. Please meet at Mediacorp lobby taxi stand at 330pm. This has nothing to do with Mediacorp but I reckon it will be a familiar spot for all to gather. We will send you guys back to the same spot at around 730pm.

I repeat.
Meeting place: Mediacorp lobby taxi stand
Time to meet : 330pm and back by 730 pm
Where r we going?: We will offer more details via email at a later date.
How to join ? : Please write to and leave your name and contact number. Please title email as “I WANNA JOIN”
Expensive or not? : A million dollars or nothing at all…. Er…in other words…Free!

Fear grabs you and drags you to the worst possible scenarios. It takes the light out of the picture. Fear rationalizes in the coldest manner, interprets human hearts in its most sinister, malicious forms.
Fear teaches one to be on guard, to reject pain. It lectures that pain should not be felt, it is undeserving.

Faith on the other hand is the most motivating, embracing force ever. It works exactly in the opposite direction. It opens one’s mind to see light and hope in every worst-case scenario. It sees beyond human flaws. It understands, and accepts its deficiencies. It forgives and offers second chances all the time. It feels pain but acknowledges and delights in its ability to feel and be connected to oneself and others. It does not give up hope.

Most of us struggle with the two constantly. Sometimes, they overwhelm us by providence. At times, we fight and select the paths they offer. Sometimes, I slip into the world of dreams, just a place where I do not have to fight fear but a place where, when I look into the eyes of people, I see only faith…

I was chatting with the production team over lunch one day and we chanced upon a pretty heavy topic that got me pondering.

Form simple a conversation about striking the lottery, we went on to the topic of predestination in life. Our bus driver who joined us for lunch was adamant about life being predestined and how helpless one is, in the realm of determinism. I can’t help but struggle with the whole truth of it all.

Yes, social structure is real for sure. Family fortune is limiting in many ways. But it is dangerous to eliminate the power of self will, more importantly, the concept of free will.

Most of us will acknowledge that we have a choice in many areas in our lives. So, what’s stopping us from utilizing that? One common possibility is the inability to see that we have a choice to break away, break away from the norm. A simple example: A traveler friend of mine was upset that his siblings were being sarcastic about the fact that he travels a lot and that he is so “carefree”. But, he does not spend it on booze, branded items and his lifestyle is an outcome of his choice.

The hardest thing about life is the various temptations, offered by the neon lights. The many 50% sale signs bidding you to enter, and the next flashy car launching soon… Indeed, we live in a consuming world and we think we are making choices. But the bigger picture is that we are consumed by the vicious cycle.

I refuse to believe that the mind is utterly useless despite its many weaknesses. All I am saying is that, give yourself the space and time to look in another direction. Especially those who feel lost in the mirage. Detachment can do wonders. It does not mean coldness, apathy, but it can mean having the opportunity to source out the options out there. Another way of life, perhaps…

They are there when you look hard enough.
If you feel something does not feel right, find it, fix it. The mind can be fooled, but the heart always tells the truth.